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Newsletter 18

Dear Families,

Please view our schools latest newsletter on our school App/Website, Newsletter 18.

Please click on the newsletter/class notice archive tab to find the newsletter.

Keep up to date with all school events by visiting the calendar. 

Term dates and student free days are also on the calendar.

If families have not downloaded the school's App, please download as soon as possible, as this is our main form of communication between the school and families. If you don't want to download the App we suggest to please check our school website regularly to keep up to date.

School Disco Term 4 Friday 22nd November

Dear Families,

Please find attached information about our school term 4 disco.


Mobile phone use by students in schools survey

Dear Families,

The Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO) regularly provide feedback to the Minister for Education and the Department of Education.

 A current topic generating a lot of interest is the use of mobile phones and other student owned devices in school. We are asking all parents, students, other family members, school staff interested members of the public to complete our survey which can be found on the following link

Our school policy is;

Our students may bring their phones to school as they may need them before and after school but they are to stay in their bags and not to be used during the school day.

Della Wells

Book Club order

Dear Families,

We have a book club order through Scholastic from last month - Issue 5 which didn't have name on the order and is at the school office waiting to be collected. 

If you believe this is your order please contact the school office.

2018 Treasure Island Production Video

Dear Families,

We now have for sale our 2018 Treasure Island Production Video. For $35 you can get a USB with all three shows and wonderful memories to share with family and friends.

Please contact the school office if you are interested in purchasing a copy by Phone: 6229 6637 or email;

Judy Hunter

Pokemon Cards

Dear Families,

We have noticed in the past few weeks that students have been bringing Pokemon Cards to School. We do not allow trading at school and strongly suggest that all cards stay at home to alleviate any issues. It is very difficult for class teachers to sort out problems regarding ownership of the cards, if they arise. 

Della Wells

Communication from Families to their child

In an endeavour to minimise interruptions to our classes, we are introducing a new system of delivering messages to students/classes.

Starting tomorrow Tuesday 24th July, 1st day of term 3, we ask if families need a message to be given to their child, they please contact the school office prior to 2.30pm.

Classes will be picking messages up from the office every day at this time.

If families contact the school after 2.30pm we cannot guarantee being able to deliver the message to your child.

We thank you for your co-operation.

School car parks

Just a friendly reminder to families  re our school car parks.

The car park on Roslyn Avenue is primarily our staff car park between the hours of 8.15am to 3.15pm. This car park is not to be used for before school drop off and after school pick up. There are 3 parks near the school office which can be used  for students late arrivals or early departures and for picking students up who may be unwell or going to an appoinment.

Opal Drive is primarily the car park used for parents picking up and dropping students off before and after school. Please be aware that the drop off zone is for parents to quickly pull in and their child to exit the car but is not to be used for parking and leaving the car unattended.

Thank you for your cooperation.