Blackmans Bay Primary School

The school opens at 8.30 am

Prep to grade 6 classes begin at 8.55 am and finish at 2.55 pm

Recess break is from 10.30 am until 11 am

Lunch break is from 12.40 pm until 1.25 pm



Kinder hours:

Tuesday and Thursday 8.55 am - 2.40 pm

Wednesday 8.55 am - 1.15 pm


The school office is open from 8.30 am4.00 pm


Please read below for more contact information.


‚ÄčBlackmans Bay Primary is a Skoolbag School. The following link will provide all the communication and information as provided by the school to the whole school community.  

Please download the app on your smartphone or tablet (for notification alerts of new information) or use the following links to view on your browser of choice.  

  Blackmans Bay Primary Skoolbag Page


 Welcome to Blackmans Bay Primary School